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The NoCo Thibault Rapier Study Group requires everyone participating in any practice, free-play, or sparring session to be a current member of the club. Additionally, as a HEMA Alliance affiliate, NoCo Thibault Rapier requires that all members also maintain a current individual HEMAA membership. HEMAA membership is available at a discounted rate as a NoCo Thibault Rapier member by choosing the “In-network Discounted Alliance Membership” option and putting “Northern Colorado Thibault Rapier Study Group” as the group name.

Membership is dependent on acceptance of the HEMAA liability waiver, compliance with HEMAA safety requirements and our code of conduct, and payment of monthly dues. Members who have not paid dues for the time period including a particular practice session will not be permitted to participate in that session. All dues and membership activity is handled through TidyHQ, and dues cannot be paid in cash.

Current dues are: $0/month. As club expenses increase, this amount is subject to change with reasonable notice.

New Members

NoCo Thibault Rapier membership is open to any adult who wishes to study with us. We do not discriminate on the basis of any legally protected class, and we recognize the rights of every individual to determine their own identity.

Unfortunately, compliance with SafeSport child protection laws is difficult with our group-study structure and beyond our current resources, making it infeasible to accept minors. Prospective fencers under the age of 18 are encouraged to study sport fencing with a USFA-affiliated school to prepare for starting HEMA when they turn 18.

We have a limited amount of equipment that new members can use as they begin to explore the art. Comfortable clothing and flexible shoes are the only requirements. As fencers progress in skill, they may want to spar with partners, which requires protective gear not available to borrow. See our Equipment page for more information about the gear needed for different levels of practice intensity, as well as information about rapiers specialized to Thibault’s fencing style.

New members have a 2-month introductory period after their first practice to join the HEMA Alliance as an individual affiliate member. This introductory period is only available once per person, and all other dues or event fees must be paid during the introductory period.

Finally, check out our page about What to Expect and how to get started.

Member Conduct

Members of the NoCo Thibault Rapier Study Group are expected to comport themselves with safety, respect, and honor. We’re adults, and some impolite language is to be expected, but members behaving abusively, unsafely, violently, or inappropriately will be asked to leave and their membership will be cancelled. Dues will not be refunded in such a case.